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Readers Respond: What Is Your Favorite Search Engine?

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Do you have a favorite search engine or directory to recommend to others? About.com readers share their favorite search engines here...


Pikture.net is a safe search engine for searching images.
—Guest Rodger


google is fastest and the most smartest search engine ever created and also it has sooooo many features hehe happy googling :)
—Guest meow


it is better then the rest of the others because it has better websites then others
—Guest ariell

Instaseq - DNA search engine

Enter any sequence DNA/RNA/Protein and search the web - http://instaseq.georgetown.edu
—Guest natarajanganesan


ixquick.com is a great search engine that gives streamlined results and protects your privacy.
—Guest Ellen Cleary

Google = Bybye privacy

I've used Google for years, but they are changing their privacy policy in order to track, store and share more and more information about their users. Search engines that seem to offer more privacy than Google are Ixquick/Startpage and DuckDuckGo (March 2012).
—Guest Pinco

Ungoogle the world!

Http://Ungoogle.org is a great site offering search services and privacy advice.


Http://Ungoogle.org A search engine created from it's domain name. Come and check us out. Ungoogle the world! Http://Ungoogle.org


Great web portal smartsearchdirect.com has lots of ways to search.
—Guest BobP

Yippy makes the internet useful again

I found Yippy by accident and it is the greatest thing ever. Now I type whatever it is I want info about and on the first round Yippy comes back with what I am looking for (and I look for some very obscure things). Why can't Google or Bing do that? Yippy ROCKS! I love it!
—Guest KS

Bing is Best

Bing is better than ANY other search engine. So fast, revilent, fun and more. Love the pictures. Bing is the best search engine in the world, no the galexy, no the univers. Best search engine EVER
—Guest bing lover

Fireburst is Faster than Google

I like Google's options but Fireburst is faster. Google is too slow after you use Fireburst for a while.
—Guest Fastman

the 10 best search engines

I really like Alta Vista better than Google and Duck Duck Go.
—Guest m


google is the best. bar none. no one can compete with my google!
—Guest joe


super and fast search engine better than other search engines
—Guest Ansar

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