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Readers Respond: What Is Your Favorite Search Engine?

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Do you have a favorite search engine or directory to recommend to others? About.com readers share their favorite search engines here... List your favorites below

Wolfram Alpha

If you want to know something about the world, use wolfram alpha. https://www.wolframalpha.com
—Guest morksinaanab

Cloud storage public files

Cloud Kite allows to search public documents in the Cloud, especially Google Drive files : http://cloudkite.info
—Guest Roger


More like a discovery engine. Plus you can save your results and share with others.
—Guest WhatSearch


Actually after using it and being so satisfied with more content in it's search results I have started searching for some Search Engine providing even more and that's how I got here. Can anybody help, please?
—Guest Pallab Mallick

Add this Muti search engine

Hello , i hope to add this engine to list : http://www.elliotsearchengine.org
—Guest elliot!

Goentry.com Search Engine for Privacy

I would like to recommend people that use a privacy search Engine Goentry. It's a people search Engine no Tracking IPs perosnal info data, no coockies, I feel right search Engine at right time.

Webopedia is the best for Technology!

The best tech search engine and definitions site is definitely Webopedia
—Guest John Gregori

A new user generated search engine

I would recommend to give a try to www.socialsu.com which is a user generated and user optimized search engine. Users can add a new link & choose the targeted keywords in less than 1 minute or can search for the human optimized results.
—Guest disconnect25

A really good one is sencept

One I stumbled upon accidentally which I really like is sencept. I love the concept, you can find it at http://www.sencept.com
—Guest Brian


It is very well equiped with lots of valueable informations
—Guest Mbanefo Trust


Powered by Yahoo, it pays an average of a penny a search to any of tens of thousands of causes, which doesn't sound like much until you compound it by the number of searches you do in a day, a week, a month, etc, and the number of other users. If you dine out much or do online shopping, GoodDining and GoodShop, respectively, will deliver the same to your selected cause as tens or hundreds of individual searches. Check it out!
—Guest ScottyD

cool new search engine

check out http://www.psykoo.com Previews of websites, no clutter, no tracking, really cool details
—Guest Mathieu


Sleedo is powered by google but is a generous website. With every search you make, they donate 10 grains of rice to the poor
—Guest Stephanie

what is your favourite search engine

google.com is the best, no search engine can compete with google
—Guest dr juang etim


How about Kumlah.com ? Its a search engine for games and entertainment
—Guest Kumlah

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What Is Your Favorite Search Engine?

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