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Text Talk

Mobile internet and 'bite-sized' messaging are the new normal for 2014. Since smartphones now travel with people more than their computers do, people now prefer to send texts instead of leaving voicemail or conventional email. Love it or hate it, texting is the new cultural norm. And part of this new norm is the new language of thumb-typed abbreviations. About.com explains the most common texting abbreviations of 2014...

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What Is Bitcoin? Why Is Bitcoin So Controversial?

Bitcoins Explained

Warren Buffet scoffs at them. Vendors are starting to embrace them. Governments and banks fear them. Millions of users are chasing them in a digital gold rush. Criminals use them to move money without banks. What exactly are bitcoins, and why are they so controversial?

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Did You Know: 'CAPTCHA' Tests Check That You Are Human?

Wednesday April 23, 2014

A CAPTCHA is a simple online test that humans can easily pass, but software programs struggle with. This test is used to deter hackers and spammers from copying email addresses and using online services. About.com explains CAPTCHA tests here...

Extreme Password Protection: Have You Changed Your Passwords Since Heartbleed?

Monday April 21, 2014

The OpenSSL vulnerability 'Heartbleed' has affected many online services.  Yahoo, Flickr, Gmail, YouTube, EventBrite, StackExchange and other sites have been open to intrusion for several months.  You can check if your favorite website has been affected by Heartbleed here.

If you are a Yahoo, Gmail, or user of other affected sites, definitely change your password once those services patch the OpenSSL Heartbleed holes.  We recommend that you create a very strong (i.e. extremely complex) post-Heartbleed password as follows...

The Best Double/Triple Widescreen Wallpaper Sites, 2014

Monday April 21, 2014

Everybody loves a beautiful desktop!  Elegant nature vistas,  cute portraits of kittens, classy high-def photos of cityscapes, beautiful cars and beautiful people: these images can absolutely change the flavor of your computer every day.  Whether you use a single, double-, or even triple-widescreen monitor setup, here are several wallpaper sites that offer remarkable high-definition wallpaper for free...

Bizarre Facts You Probably Didn't Know About the Internet

Saturday April 19, 2014

Did you know: online dating is a $1 billion USD industry? The fastest internet connections are in South Korea? 72 hours of YouTube are uploaded every 60 seconds? The Internet's 5 million terabytes of data weigh less than a single grain of sand? Yes, folks, these are just some of the mind-boggling facts of the Internet and the World Wide Web...

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