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Text Talk

Mobile internet and 'bite-sized' messaging are the new normal for 2014. Since smartphones now travel with people more than their computers do, people now prefer to send texts instead of leaving voicemail or conventional email. Love it or hate it, texting is the new cultural norm. And part of this new norm is the new language of thumb-typed abbreviations. About.com explains the most common texting abbreviations of 2014...

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Strange Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Web

Bizarre Facts About the World Wide Web

Did you know: half of all web traffic is media streaming and file sharing? The total 5 million terabytes of web data weighs less than a grain of sand? Online dating generates over a 1 billion dollars each year?  These are just some of the bizarre facts of the World Wide Web....

More Interesting Web Facts:
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The Thugs Who Torment Us on the World Wide Web

Just like the communities of real life, the World Wide Web is troubled by bad apples and unsavory people. Driven by various dark motivations, there are online thugs who will embarrass you, con you, vandalize your computer, and even inflict emotional grief upon you and your loved ones. Here is your official warning list: Thugs of the Web, and what you need to know about them…

How to Make a Killer Password

There is no such thing as a perfect password. But it is possible to make a very good password that will force hackers to give up long before it is ever cracked. But how does one create such a complex thing while still remembering it for daily use? There are simple techniques that can really help, which About.com explains here...

Cryptocoin Mining for Beginners - How to Mine Litecoins and Dogecoins

So, you want to try mining digital coins? While the Bitcoin ship may have sailed without you, it is still very possible to get into Scrypt coins like Litecoins, Dogecoins, and Feathercoins and make a small profit. About.com explains how Scrypt coin mining works, and how a beginner can get into the hobby for a few hundred dollars...

How You Could Lose Out While Mining Cryptocoins

If you are interested in mining cryptocoins like Litecoins or Dogecoins, do know that there are risks involved. Hackers, dishonest mining pools, your wallet being lost, and coin value dropping: About.com explains those risks and how you can reduce them...

Why You Want to Cloak Yourself Online

In a time when computer hygiene and personal protection are that much more precious, definitely consider getting yourself the services of a Virtual Private Network connection. A VPN will encrypt your email, browser, streaming, and file sharing signals so that your identity and personal habits remain your own private choices...

Introducing: the Internet Memes that Have Captured Our Hearts

Memes are viral culture. These are the bizarre, humorous, quirky and political images that travel like flu bugs across the Web. Some memes are urban legends, others are animal oddities. Some memes are comedic dances, while others are philosophical commentaries on human nature. About.com profiles the most influential memes of the last two decades here...

What Exactly Is a 'Hacker'? What Do Hackers Do?

'Hackers' are not the same stereotype that you know from the 1980's. Today's hackers can be more than just vandals and thieves: there are principled hackers and research hackers, too! Not to mention: amateur hackers are growing by the thousands. About.com explains more about modern hackers and what they do...

What Is a Cyberlocker? Why Are Cyberlockers So Controversial?

Cyberlockers are 3rd party file-sharing services. While they are completely legal and innocent themselves, they are a big threat to movie and music copyright because of their ability to share files invisibly. About.com explains cyberlockers more here...

GroupMe Text Messaging: a Review of a Game-Changing Communications Tool

While it doesn't seem very sophisticated when you first open it, GroupMe text messaging is extremely useful. Like a high-velocity discussion forum, GroupMe connects friends, sports clubs, and small organizations through shared text messaging. About.com reviews GroupMe here...

Why Use a VPN? Here Are 10 Good Reasons...

Encrypting your web connection by using a VPN service is extremely useful. A VPN enables you to break out of restrictive networks, hide your content from

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