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Firefox Browser Tips

A Handbook For "Power Use"
of The Hottest New Browser Today

Note: Mac users substitute Open Apple for ALT, and Command Key for CTRL.


to jump insertion point to address bar.


Instead of lunging for your mouse, try this slick technique for opening a new page.  Press ALT-D, and your insertion point (cursor) will jump to the address bar. Then simply overtype the existing address.


to type "www...com" quickly.


When combined with ALT-D above, this works wonders!  Once you are in the address bar, there is no need to type the http:// prefix or the www. or the .com domain names.  Simply type the middle portion of the desired address, and press CTRL-Enter. 

e.g. If you type CNN and press CTRL-Enter, you will go to http://www.cnn.com

CTRL-Mouse wheel spin

to enlarge or shrink page font size


That screen font is too small or too large for you?  No worries, simply spin your mousewheel while holding CTRL.  Your font size changes incrementally.


to launch a new tab


A favorite trick for power Internet users... this enables you to read your Gmail or Hotmail, while searching Google, and simultaneously checking your stocks and weather reports.

CTRL-T launches a new tab  (effectively a new browser window, but without all the memory overhead of a full window).

a link

to launch a new window with the link.


If you are doing research, and wish to keep your current location while browsing another, use SHIFT while you click on a link.  The new page opens in a second window.

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