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What Is 'TTT'? Is TTT the Same as 'Bump'?


Question: What Is 'TTT'? Is TTT the Same as 'Bump'?
You saw this odd expression in a discussion forum today: 'TTT'. What exactly is TTT and what is it used for? About.com explains this peculiar acronym here...
Answer: 'TTT' stands for 'to the top'. It is identical to the expression 'bump'. TTT and bump are used to promote a discussion thread to the top of the recently-active list. You will see the TTT and bump expressions in online discussion forums where some of the users are very experienced, and know how to draw attention to specific discussion postings.

Because most online discussion forums have a changing list that displays the recently-active discussion threads, experienced users put this to their advantage. To push a particular conversation topic to the top of the recent list, an experienced user will add a very short reply with the words 'TTT' or 'bump'. While they could type anything to push the conversation to the top, TTT and bump are the most common expressions.

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