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Why Does My Internet Disconnect?


Question: Why Does My Internet Disconnect?
You have a fancy highspeed connection, but you keep going offline suddenly. Why does this happen? About.com helps to explain and troubleshoot Internet disconnection problems here...
Answer: There are multiple possible reasons behind your highspeed Internet connection suddenly disconnecting. Yes, with so many different types of hardware and software involved, it makes diagnosing the disconnection annoying. But with a little patience and know-how, it is possible to identify what is going wrong with your Internet connection.

Here are some common reasons why DSL or cable connections disconnect suddenly
  1. Your 'default gateway' address has suddenly changed at your ISP.
  2. There is radio interference with your wireless signal (possibly your neighbor is running a remote control device or there is an industrial strength radio emitter nearby)
  3. Your Mac or PC is very dusty inside, and the layer of dust is overheating chips and causing the system to reset unwantedly.
  4. Your router is defective or old.
  5. Your ISP is experiencing some kind of temporary outage.
  6. There is some kind of server reset or emergency maintenance at your ISP.
  7. Something called 'DHCP' is dynamically re-addressing your computer's Internet address, and it did not do a good job this time.
  8. Something called 'DNS tables' need to be flushed and updated to new domain name addresses for your network.
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