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Accelerate Your Slow Dial-Up Connection

Welcome to the Artful Compromise of "Compression Proxy" Technology!


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Overview of Dial-up Acceleration Technology:

Dial-up Acceleration is based on two major components
  1. Compression technology.
    (software robots that squeeze web page content, pictures, and downloadable files into smaller "packets")
  2. Proxy server networks.
    (groups of servers that are spread around the world, and handle the compression work for you)
The two biggest Acceleration Networks are Propel and Proxyconn. We will discuss them later in this article.

So how does a ‘Dial-up Acceleration’ technically work?

Part 1) You get an additional subscription service each month.
Dial-up acceleration networks do not replace your current ISP. Instead, they combine with your ISP. You would maintain your current ISP subscription, but would add on a second subscription to the acceleration service for another six to ten dollars per month.

Part 2) You use a 'proxy' connection
Once subscribed to a dial-up acceleration service, your ISP will no longer connect to the Internet directly. Instead, your dial-up connection and ISP will connect to the acceleration servers. Those acceleration servers, in turn, visit web pages for you. Acting as intermediary machines between your ISP and the rest of the Internet, these acceleration servers are called “proxy” servers.

Part 3) The proxy servers learn your browsing habits. Proxy acceleration servers try to learn your common web destinations. They then do "store-and-forward" transmission. This means that the servers will store logs of what web pages you prefer, and then will often visit those pages in advance for you, storing recent copies of those pages, ready to forward to your screen upon your request. While maintaining your privacy, this store-and-forward format helps to double, if not triple, your experienced web speed because the content is already waiting for you each morning.

Diagram: this is a proxy acceleration server network
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