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How to Get WinMX

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September 19, 2005.
The RIAA has successfully lobbied to have winmxworld.com shut down and cease its regular operations. In its pre September 19 format, WinMX can no longer legally operate.

The Situation Now, Post-December 2006

The WinMX network has resurrected in a different format that is currently not under the direct legal purview of the Cease and Desist Order of September 19, 2005. WinMX users can switch to this newer and growing format, but there are configuration changes necessary to your computer. (see below)

Furthermore, new WinMX users can no longer download the software from the original locations. If you wish to join the WinMX peer-to-peer download community, and you do not already have the WinMX software, you must get a copy of the software from special archives:

Click here to download post-September-19 WinMX.
(Recommendation: download the 3.53 version as soon as you read this, because there is a risk that this source location will be shut down in a civil lawsuit soon.)

How to Configure the New WinMX to Work:

You will need to "flush" (reset) your DNS settings, and adjust your local "host" settings to function on the post-Sep-19 WinMX network.

Get those configuration instructions here.

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