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What Is 'Derp'? Is It the Same as 'Durp'?


Derp = durp = doh = 'Stupid!'

Derp = durp = doh = 'Stupid!'

Question: What Is 'Derp'? Is It the Same as 'Durp'?
You've likely seen 'derp' or 'durp' on Facebook pages, Reddit links, and meme photos. This modern derogatory expression is a version of 'stupid', and is a close cousin to the derogatory 'ermagherd' expression.
Answer: 'Derp' is the same as 'durp'. It means 'stupid action' or 'stupid person'. You would use this on one of three ways: 1) to insult a person as being a moron, 2) to accuse someone of 'failing to see the obvious', or 3) to exclaim that 'I've just done a stupid thing myself.' The durp expression has evolved from the 'doh' expression made famous by Homer Simpson.

Derp and durp are close cousins to the 'ermahgerd' expression, which another derogatory term to describe stupidity.

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