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Examples of What Good Passwords Look Like


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June, 2014
(continued from What Is Dictionary/Brute Force Hacking?)


Here are example passwords that discourage 'brute force' dictionary cracking:

OK Password: Better Password: Excellent Password:
kitty 1Kitty 1Ki77y
susan Susan53 .Susan53.
jellyfish jelly22fish J3lly22Fish
smellycat sm3llycat $m3llycat.
allblacks AllBlacks! A11B1ack$!
jackbauer jAckBauer jA(kBauer
Rihanna R1hanna R1h@nn@
adamsandler adamSandler #adamS@ndler
ilovemypiano ILoveMyPiano ILov3MyPi@no
ihateliverandonions 1Hateliver@ndonions 1Hat3liver@Onions!
mypuppylikescheese MyPuppyLikesCh33s3 .MyPuppyLikesCh33s3
julieloveskevin JulieLovesKevin Jul1eLovesK3v1n
ieatcarrots IeatCarrots I34tcarr0ts:

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