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Internet Glossary : HTML definition


Definition: HTML is HyperText Markup Language, the computer language used to create pages on the World Wide Web. HTML was created by a physicist named Tim Berners-Lee, and introduced to the world in 1989.

HTML is related to SGML (Structured General Markup Language), JavaScript (a Netscape scripting language), and Java (a Sun Microsystems language).

HTML is used to define web pages by using "tags" and "attributes". Tags are the programmatic commands the appear between < > symbols.

The regular structure for an HTML document contains this kind of tag appearance: <HTML><HEAD>(Welcome to my web page)</HEAD><BODY> (hundreds of lines of text go here) </BODY></HTML>.

The single biggest feature of HTML is the ability to 'hyperlink' (jump) the reader to any other web page on the Internet. Hyperlink tags look like this: <a link="http://www.about.com">Jump to About</a>

For more information on HTML, please visit the About Webdesign web site.
Also Known As: Hyper Text Markup Language
Common Misspellings: HMTL, HLMT,
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