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DVD+R versus DVD-R: The Functional Differences

Enhanced Recording Features


CD and DVD discs

CD and DVD discs

DVD Recorders: The Difference Between DVD-R and DVD+R?

Part 2, Continued: The Functional Differences

According to the claims of the DVD Alliance, using a DVD+R/+RW recorder will let you do the following:

1. Instantly eject without having to wait for finalized formatting.

2. Ability to record one DVD disc partially on PC and partially on television.

3. Background formatting: while the disc is being formatted, you can simultaneously record on already-formatted portions of the same disc.

4. Enhanced ability to edit filenames, movie and song titles, and playlists.

5. 100% compatibility with all other DVD players, while still enjoying these extra recording features.

These customer benefits are documented in detail at the DVD Alliance website: http://www.dvdrw.com/why/customer-benefits.htm

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