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DVD+R and DVD-R 101: An Explanation for Beginners

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CD and DVD discs

CD and DVD discs are virtually identical on the outside, but DVDs can store so much more...

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Overview of DVD Recordable: +R Versus -R

There is no physical difference between a DVD-R/-RW disc and a DVD+R/+RW disc.

There is, however, a series of technical differences between DVD-R/-RW DVD+R/+RW recorder format. The DVD+R/+RW format offers subtle extra functionality for people who record their own movies and audio.

The Standards Differences

1) The DVD-R (pronounced "DVD dash R") and -RW media formats are officially approved by the standards group DVD Forum. The DVD Forum was founded by Mitsubishi, Sony, Hitachi, and Time Warner, so it has tremendous industry support for its technical standards.

2) DVD+R ("DVD plus” R) and +RW formats are not approved by the DVD Forum standards group, but are instead supported by the DVD+RW Alliance. The DVD+RW Alliance is supported by Sony, Yamaha, Philips, Dell, and JP, so it also has tremendous industry support for its technical standards. Note that Sony supports both organizations.

3) Trivia "DVD Slim" format is not approved by any standards body.

4) Trivia: DVD RAM is a late 1990's format that has lost popularity, and is effectively a non-choice for consumers today, since most movies in 2004 will not play on DVD RAM.

The Functional Differences

The main functional differences between DVD-R and DVD+R are:
1) the DVD recorder's built-in defects management,
2) the way the recorders format and rewrite DVDs,
3) the price.

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