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Readers Respond: The Best VPN's for Personal Use

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Virtual private networking is becoming a must-have ingredient for daily web use. For reasons of personal privacy when you use a public Wi-Fi network, the ability to access international data in a specific country, or to participate in controversial file sharing: having a VPN connection can make all the difference. Share your thoughts


Another notable mention is www.acevpn.com. They bundle both VPN and Smart DNS service for $5 per month. I have been using them from past few years and must have recommended at least 20 people to them. To the poster above, you can stream Netflix and other videos in HD with www.acevpn.com
—Guest David


Guys, the best VPN is proxy dot sh. Simply saying. https://proxy.sh/panel/aff.php?aff=242
—Guest anon838

Anonymizer Universal a MUST

I have used Anonymizer for years. The list of why they are great goes on and on: Oldest provider in the industry(est. 1995), one of the only with a no obligation free trial, longest money back guarentee, no history of DCMA notices to customers, no history of logging or monitoring, zero P2P restrictions, amazing speed, unlimited device connections, decent price, etc.
—Guest Brian

Astrill: never try!!!!

NEVER NEVER SUSCRIBE TO ASTRILL !!! I did it, and it was a big mistake, THE WORST CHOICE EVER… The Astrill application never worked on my computer, and they refused to refund my three-month subscription. I encountered many different technical problems and in the end I was unable to use it. And the Astrill technical support is both unqualified and impolite. Each time they asked me to try procedures already tested many times, and I had to repeat myself like five/six times a day because it seems that they never keep history of the messages and of the problems reported. In total, trying to solve the technical problems to access Internet with Astrill and spending hours with technical support - who never tried to keep records of problems to help me and even were very rude - I think I have lost maybe 10 hours in a few days, which is quite problematic when you just try to work. Don’t trust the website, which looks quite clean: Astrill is made of a handful of unqualified people.

TinyHardwareFirewall PCMag EditorsChoice

Zero software to download and configure and I can use it on 4 devices at once, it just rocks. It got PCMagazine Editors Choice. I just turn it on, leave it in my purse and everything I have connects to it. Way cool.
—Guest Boomer


I've been bouncing around several VPN service providers for years to find the best one for me. I Highly recommend IronSocket.com. They have a LOT of countries to choose from, fast servers, smart dns proxy for streaming on netflix/hulu, and also a Socks 5 proxy with very clear logging guides. No VPN logs in the USA, and they allow P2P (torrents) on some servers as well. Very good customer service, I highly recommend them!
—Guest VPN

re Private Internet Access

It is the cheapest and worst VPN I've used for connecting to UK servers from China. In effective support.
—Guest Jack Davidson

pure vpn

pure vpn rated second here. probably they deserve that place in terms of services vs price. But beware there is a little detail: they ask for scanned copies of your credit card and passport (or id card) 5 days after your purchase. I don't find this acceptable. if they had written this explicitly I wouldn't even bother trying it.
—Guest guest


Phantom Peer is simple affordable, encrypted, anonymous and perfect for US users. At $6 a month it's perfect.
—Guest thebestdeal

Stay away from boxpn

Need a national ip and after one month boxpn ceased to provide my country. After several deliberate disinformation from the support they confirmed they had problems but they woul be back in a week. Now four weeks later no change and they refuse to give money back. Boxpn are dishonest and cannot be trusted
—Guest nerdh

Great Customer Support

I had a connection problem this morning and used the online chat help - Kasper M was the client support... I am sometimes not that clued in to IT etc, but he carefully guided me through the steps to resolve my issue quickly and successfully - great support!
—Guest Paul Kane

est service

i have had purevpn the last 2 years . very happy with the service . just got some help from your online chat. Deniz the oprater was the very much helpful and knowledgeable in solving the issue. big thumbs up . great work and many thanks
—Guest fereidoon

Best VPN

The is purevpn, works perfectly. I' ve contacted the support and got great attention.
—Guest Eduardo Legorreta

Best VPN

The is purevpn, works perfectly. I' ve contacted the support and got great attention.
—Guest Eduardo Legorreta

Pure VPN excellent Support

Im pretty impressed with the PUREVPN service and the support they provide. One primary adavantage over other service providers is their 24-7 service line and their helpful service technicians..particularly impressed with kasper M.. many thanks
—Guest Neo pheon1x

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The Best VPN's for Personal Use

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