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Readers Respond: The Best VPN's for Personal Use

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Virtual private networking is becoming a must-have ingredient for daily web use. For reasons of personal privacy when you use a public Wi-Fi network, the ability to access international data in a specific country, or to participate in controversial file sharing: having a VPN connection can make all the difference. Share your thoughts

Worldvpn free account

World vpn is giving out free account to customer that post on a vpn review posts or blogs
—Guest Godfrey

Expres VPN

It's good about speed and connection reliability, but don't forget the most important with VPN is privacy, and they seems not to have idea about what it is. Right on the beginning they require lot of personal data including telephone number to open account. The only accepted payment method is Credit Card or PayPal. Details are verified later, they call your mobile to ask for more details. I didn't want to be bothered by marketers and gave them false number, three days later they shut my account and sent money back. I asked for the reason via email, but as I didn't want to give away private mobile number they were not interested in providing service any more. There is lot of talks about privacy on their site, but in real they are building big database with names, addresses telephone numbers and account details of every customer and I'm pretty sure they log too, minimum as they said. Who knows where all this details goes to. I better trust my government than such a dodgy compan
—Guest truthsicker

tigerVPN.com : The best service provider

As per the namesake tigerVPN is the fastest VPN service I ever came in contact. They doesn’t differentiate their plans on the basis of bandwidth usage, speed, or locations. In fact they offer one plan with unlimited features and provide access to all their 45+ cities in 36 Countries. Moreover I can switch location anytime as per my requirement. They don’t keep logs, No software required, simple and easy to use with a powerful user interface and yes their LiveChat service is extremely helpful. Love their services, fully recommended.


I have had extremely good luck with VPN.ac. The speeds are fast, there is a decent, though not industry-leading, selection of countries, and they really seem to focus on making sure there is a great end-user experience. I'd easily give them five stars, as long as they provide end points in the countries you need (they do for me). Also, if you have any issues, you won't get better customer service - anywhere.
—Guest Markie

Long time Acevpn user

I have tried many vpn services in the past and finally settled with Acevpn. Their servers are not only fast but they have incredible support. They initially setup VPN and smart dns on my computer and reply to emails within minutes and the longest I had to wait was 15 mins. I rate them 5/5 for price, quality and service. Link is http://www.acevpn.com
—Guest Justin

Avoid Private Internet Access

I made the mistake of paying a year in advance for PIA because of the price. It really isn't worth it though. It rarely connects successfully. When it does it will usually drop the connection soon after (even though the client you have to install will fake that it's still connected). An intentional scam or just a poor quality product - either way you get what you pay for.
—Guest Ed

Tried StrongestPrivacy

I heard from a friend of mine that a new VPN provider called "StrongestPrivacy" has just launched. They differ alot from the usual VPN providers because they focus on security and privacy and have many very advanced functions for professionals, like portknockers or a REST-API. They call themself "one of the most advanced and securest VPN providers" and also got a FREE plan for the average user. www.strongest-privacy.com
—Guest John Carp

Astrill: Slow and Frustrating

Astrill has really slow torrenting speeds. I purchased a six month subscription, the first 3 months were pretty fast the past 2 months has been dreadfully slow. I have a month left and I think I will take the loss and try another provider.
—Guest Jeff


Another notable mention is www.acevpn.com. They bundle both VPN and Smart DNS service for $5 per month. I have been using them from past few years and must have recommended at least 20 people to them. To the poster above, you can stream Netflix and other videos in HD with www.acevpn.com
—Guest David


Guys, the best VPN is proxy dot sh. Simply saying. https://proxy.sh/panel/aff.php?aff=242
—Guest anon838

Anonymizer Universal a MUST

I have used Anonymizer for years. The list of why they are great goes on and on: Oldest provider in the industry(est. 1995), one of the only with a no obligation free trial, longest money back guarentee, no history of DCMA notices to customers, no history of logging or monitoring, zero P2P restrictions, amazing speed, unlimited device connections, decent price, etc.
—Guest Brian

Astrill: never try!!!!

NEVER NEVER SUSCRIBE TO ASTRILL !!! I did it, and it was a big mistake, THE WORST CHOICE EVER… The Astrill application never worked on my computer, and they refused to refund my three-month subscription. I encountered many different technical problems and in the end I was unable to use it. And the Astrill technical support is both unqualified and impolite. Each time they asked me to try procedures already tested many times, and I had to repeat myself like five/six times a day because it seems that they never keep history of the messages and of the problems reported. In total, trying to solve the technical problems to access Internet with Astrill and spending hours with technical support - who never tried to keep records of problems to help me and even were very rude - I think I have lost maybe 10 hours in a few days, which is quite problematic when you just try to work. Don’t trust the website, which looks quite clean: Astrill is made of a handful of unqualified people.

TinyHardwareFirewall PCMag EditorsChoice

Zero software to download and configure and I can use it on 4 devices at once, it just rocks. It got PCMagazine Editors Choice. I just turn it on, leave it in my purse and everything I have connects to it. Way cool.
—Guest Boomer


I've been bouncing around several VPN service providers for years to find the best one for me. I Highly recommend IronSocket.com. They have a LOT of countries to choose from, fast servers, smart dns proxy for streaming on netflix/hulu, and also a Socks 5 proxy with very clear logging guides. No VPN logs in the USA, and they allow P2P (torrents) on some servers as well. Very good customer service, I highly recommend them!
—Guest VPN

re Private Internet Access

It is the cheapest and worst VPN I've used for connecting to UK servers from China. In effective support.
—Guest Jack Davidson

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The Best VPN's for Personal Use

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