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Readers Respond: What Is Your Favorite Search Engine?

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favorite search engine

The brand new Mediander.com. No links - real content results. Millions of pages of information on topics with the most relevant results you really want. Text, original content (interactive CultureMaps), photos, videos and books. Plus search topic connections. All at your fingertips, all in one space. You never have to leave the website. Check it out.
—Guest Lisa Hanock-Jasie


startpage.com is king. All anonymous and more results than SpyGoogle
—Guest Ray Alex


They have these cool logos on special days, on Google chrome you can set your own theme, it has its own apps you can download on chrome web store. The results are accurate and you always get what your looking for. Try it out today!
—Guest Stunner

Great Search Engine

I would like to recommend search.com to everyone. It's simple and easy to use. Also, try out the Top 50 searches page, it's a list of the most popular searches!
—Guest James Satbath

The only response that matters

My favorite search engine is Google, then Bing, and then it is Yahoo. No real reason. Just like em all like that.
—Guest awesomeness

Best search Engine

I find METACRAWLER is the best as it searches ALL the search engines, has a simple ad free lay out and returns the most detailed results.
—Guest Steve


I use Thiv because its simple and offers zero-click answers like duckduckgo, however is a bit faster P.s. I am affiliated with thiv
—Guest Connor T


MetaCrawler has always been my favorite because it searches the current top search engines.
—Guest Doug

Favorite search engine

I've used Dogpile for years now and am still very happy with results.
—Guest Member

Search engine

I quick does not keep your info you search. I love it.
—Guest ron argo

the best

GOOGLE should be on there. Say jeeves is uncluttered? look on it
—Guest de right one

We like Search Engine swonpy.de

we like swoopy.de. the great thing about them is. They do not operate commercially data. Bring top search results and are quite fast. No filter to evaluate SLi. TOP my opinion, thank you
—Guest sel


hooguesearch.com is the best,fast and safe website!! i love hooguesearch it's like google,yahoo and bing but better!!
—Guest ture

IxQuick - pro-privacy favorite

IxQuick is amazing, and it protects privacy as none other except possibly DuckDuckGo. DDG is good but IxQuick returns better results.


made by Microsoft, and has everthing Google has but in a different way. it has a diferent picture every day, each one is a really cool one. TRY IT NOW!!!
—Guest Charlie

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What Is Your Favorite Search Engine?

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