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What Is a ‘Web Widget’?


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Question: What Is a ‘Web Widget’?
Answer: A web widget is a small helpful software program embedded directly into a web page. Web widgets are also known as web gadgets, snippets, modules, and portlets. Web widgets are often used in combination to create dashboard pages (personal home pages).

Web widgets themselves are designed to give extra power and control to the user. In many cases, the page users have the authority to choose and place web widgets where they want. Many people who discover web widgets become big fans, and will create entire web pages filled with widgets.

Example web widgets include:

  • Daily weather reports
  • Clocks and countdown timers
  • Flight arrivals at the airport
  • Latest local news headlines
  • Latest international news
  • Stock tickers
  • Blog feeds
  • Job postings
  • Facebook announcements
  • Cute photos of the week
  • New cooking recipes
  • Celebrity gossip
  • Joke of the day
  • Quote of the day
Websites that offer web widgets:

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