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What Is 'Wut'? What Does Wut Stand For?


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Question: What Is 'Wut'? What Does Wut Stand For?
You see the expression 'wut' used in instant messaging, chat, and even email. But what exactly does wut stand for? About.com explains WTF below...
Answer: Wut is the modern jargon spelling for 'what'. In the same way that you would use 'what' in daily conversation, 'wut' can now replace it for informal text messaging and chat. You can use 'wut' as a question, or as the subject of phrase action.

Yes, English teachers around the world cringe whenever they see 'wut' in conversations. But on the condition that it is not used in professional documentation, then a double standard exists for this liberal spelling.

Examples of wut as a written expression:
  • 'wut is wrong with u? u dont return my calls'
  • 'wut do u wanna do tonite?'
  • 'i dont know wuts up with her. shes been like that all week'
  • 'idc wut we do, as long as it involvs beer'
Also look at the following related expressions:

  1. wuteva - Whatever
  2. w/e - Whatever
  3. wbu - What About You?
  4. ? - I don't understand the message you just sent
  5. WTF - What the F*ck?
  6. idk - I don't know
  7. idc - I don't care

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