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What Is 'W/E? What Does W/E Mean?


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Question: What Is 'W/E? What Does W/E Mean?
Answer: "W/E" is "whatever". You will see the same expression spelled as "w/e", "WE", "whutever" and "wutever". It is used a dismissive response to a statement that is disagreeable, but not worth arguing over. W/E indicates that the person is not interested in debating the topic any further.

W/E and wutever are common when people are arguing over some knowledge subject online, and one person is being particularly pushy about his opinion.

Examples of W/E usage:

  • (User 1) No, I was saying that remolded tires are not the same as retreads.
  • (User 2) Dude, they're both made of old tires with rubber glued onto them.
  • (User 1) That's not precisely true. Remolded tires use a different baking process to have the tread fused *around* the sidewall, while retreads are fused onto the face.
  • (User 2) W/E.

The W/E expression, like many cultural curiousities of the Internet, is a part of modern English communication.

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