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What Is 'WBU'? What Does WBU Mean?


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Question: What Is 'WBU'? What Does WBU Mean?
Answer: "WBU" is "What About You?". This is internet shorthand for asking "how about you... do you agree?"

Example of wbu usage:

  • (User 1) Shannon: im hungry for some vietnamese. wbu?
  • (User 2) Eunice: sgtm. 6pm?

Another example of wbu usage:

  • (User 1) Kaveh: do u wanna go to jen's hall party 2night?
  • (User 2) sure, it'll be fun. wbu? don't you want to go?

The wbu expression, like many cultural curiousities of the Internet, is a part of modern English communication.

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