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How to Block Plug-in Popups with Firefox, 2005


Firefox 1.0.x browser is an excellent product, but it has the flaw of allowing popup windows through when you install plug-ins. Even the native Firefox popup blocker is insufficient to stop all popups. But now there is a hand-coded way to stop ALL popup windows in Firefox.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Two Minutes

Here's How:

  1. Click into the Firefox location address bar, and type: about:config , press enter.

  2. A page of code will appear in the Firefox main window. Right-click on this page, and choose New, Integer from the shortcut menu.

  3. In the preference dialog box that appears, type privacy.popups.disable_from_plugins , spelled exactly as is typed here.

  4. Another dialog box will appear asking for a "preference value". Type in a value of 2, and press enter.

  5. A new line will appear at the bottom of the config document as a "user set" entry. This code line will now disable all popups

  6. Some other values to note:
    0: Allow any popups from plugin software.
    1: Allow popups, but limit them to dom.popup_maximum.
    2: Block all popups from plugins.
    3: Block all popups from plugins, even on web sites added to your white list.
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