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What Phishing and Email Scams Look Like

(Examples of Common Phish Emails and Online Cons)


February, 2014

Here they are, revealed: the phishing con games of the Internet. They prey on ignorance, tug your heart strings, and promise professional services while secretly taking your account numbers and passwords. Don't get suckered by these convincing phish emails and web pages! Take ten minutes and see what internet phishing and email cons really look like.

Tell Us Your Experience: User Stories of Scams - Have you ever received a phishing email? Have you ever been scammed online? Tell us your scam story here.
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Internet Phishing Scam, Example 1Internet Investment Scam, example 2: Pump and Dump InvestmentInternet Lottery Scam, example 1Internet Job Offer Scam, example 1
Internet 419 Scam, Example 1Internet Phishing Scam, example 2Internet Phishing Scam, example 3Internet Lottery Scam, example 2
Internet Phishing Scam, example 4Internet Phishing Scam, example 5The 419 Internet Scam, Example 2:Internet 419 Scam, example 3
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