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Understanding RSS and Live Web Feeds

Understanding Really Simple Syndication, and how it is possible to satisfy info-junkie cravings in a single screen.

RSS - "What is 'RSS'?"
Also known as "Really Simple Syndication", RSS is the best way to satisfy your info-junkie cravings. Read how it works here...

What is Content Syndication?
In this FAQ piece, content syndication is explained in a really simple way for beginners and non-technical readers.

Basics of RSS
This article by multi-blogger Trudy W. Schuett shares some tips and resources on the basics of RSS, including aggregators.

"What is 'Atom'?"
Although Atom is not the same as RSS, it has similar functions. It allows a list weblog or news information, known as feeds, to become available for syndication. Read the full explanation here...

"What is 'XML'?"
XML is used for interchanging documents on the Internet. One of its functions is site syndication with the use of RSS. Read how it works here...

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