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Editor's Picks: Best of the Internet

The Best Web Sites, as voted on by About.com readers! Best of the Web for games, artistry, philanthropy, design, usefulness, craziness, and more!
  1. Halloween on the Web (15)
  2. Guide Favorites: Your Netforbe (42)
  3. Family-Friendly Internet (7)

The Stickiest, Clickiest, Most Addictive Sites on the Web
Here they are: the most infectious and addictive websites of 2014. Photo blogs, online confessions, animals being cute for the camera, sarcasm and cynicism, bizarre news... there is something for everyone on this list of mesmerizing websites. Don't click here unless you have at least 30 minutes to spare...

Websites That Will Make You Smarter
The Web is good for at least one thing: a vehicle for transferring useful knowledge between people. If you are interested in improving your knowledge of the world and yourself, then you'll enjoy this list. Here are websites that are guaranteed to make you smarter...

The Top 10 Timewaster Websites
Here they are, folks: the ten best ways to kill 15 minutes or 15 hours. Give these a try... you won't be disappointed!

The Coolest Web Sites
Here they are: the "Coolest Web Sites", as voted on by About readers. Voting continues until January 31, after which our top 3 finalists will be chosen.

The 15 Most Addictive Flash Games, 2008
Here they are: the 15 most addictive Flash online games, as voted on by the About.com readership.

The Best Cloud Cyberlocker Services, 2013
Where can a user go to store large files online and have friends selectively access them? Here are cyberlocker sites that have been recommended by About.com readers...

The Top 20 Torrent Download Sites of 2012
By volume of data, bittorrent file sharing is the most popular form of internet use today. Torrents have become the new backbone of P2P file sharing. At the center of this P2P frenzy: the Top 20 Torrent Search Engines of 2012.

Infectious Packages of Culture and Humor
A "meme" is a virally-transmitted cultural symbol or social idea. A meme (rhymes with "team") behaves like a flu or a cold virus, traveling from person to person quickly, but transmitting an idea instead of a lifeform. According to Cecil Adams of theStraightDope.com, the concept of memes "is either really deep, or really, really obvious".

On the Internet, modern memes are largely humor-c…

What is "Lolcats"?
Lolcats, also known as "icanhazcheezburger", is a modern Internet phenomenon. Purposely employing bad grammar and poor spelling, lolcats has captured the hearts of animal lovers everywhere. About.com explains more...

The Most Useful Web Sites
After much voting and debate, the list is now finalized. These are the Ten Most Useful and Practical Web Sites for January 2006 (as judged by a non-scientific panel of judges).

The Top 15 Reference Web Sites
The Top 15 Reference Web Sites

The Coolest Websites of 2010
Here they are: the "Coolest Websites" of 2010, as voted on by About readers.

5 Best Torrent Search Engines
As of September 10, 2010, the top 5 torrent P2P sites are listed here. This list is compiled from hundreds of reader suggestions, and is updated every few days. You are welcome to submit your own torrent search suggestions to be part of this list . There are multiple criteria used to evaluate these bittorrent search engines: speed of...

Try Google Earth": a Magnificent Satellite View of the World.
An introduction to one of the most impressive Google products today: searchable satellite photos of the planet.

The Best VPN Providers, 2013
The Best VPN Providers, 2013

Reader Favorite Websites, 2011

A Quick Reference Guide for New Users of Google Plus
Google Plus ('Google+') is a very good alternative to Facebook. But it is different, and you'll need to learn how the screen behaves differently than Facebook and other social networks. About.com has a quickstart tutorial on Google Plus here...

The Best VPN Providers, 2013
The Best VPN Providers, 2013

GroupMe: Text Messaging for Groups - a Review by About.com
While it's not very sophisticated, GroupMe text messaging is extremely useful. Like a high-velocity discussion forum, GroupMe connects friends, sports clubs, and small organizations through shared text messaging. About.com reviews GroupMe here...

Halloween Internet Resources
Are you curious where Halloween came from? Need costume tips for you and your spouse? Carving a pumpkin for the first time? Here is your Internet gateway to Halloween resources...

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