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Visual Guide: The Top 30 Torrent Download Sites, 2014

A Visual Guide to Where Torrent Downloaders Go to Find Files


As of July 8, 2014, several torrent sites have achieved reader acclaim at About.com. This multi-page list is a compilation of recommendations submitted by hundreds of readers. This list is in random order, and is updated constantly.

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1. Kick Ass Torrents

This site is a favorite with a growing community. The interface is a distinctive earth color, and the search results display in a useful format of columns, including torrent health. The best part of Kick Ass Torrents is their comment and feedback system... the user community watches the quality of torrents, and offers their recommendations and warnings. June 2013 News: the KAT.ph domain name was seized by authorities. The new URL is kickass.to

2. Torrents.to

This site has a Tonga country domain name, but certainly offers plentiful metasearching of movies and music in English and Spanish. There are some popup advertisements that are annoying, but perhaps you might like the framed interface for searching other torrent sites.

3. SeedPeer.me

SeedPeer is a very large database of over 3 million torrent files. The search interface is simple, and the keyword cloud map helps as a discovery means to find interesting movies, tv shows, and music artists. Fans speak very highly of SeedPeer, so do consider trying it out. Definitely browse the popular keyword cloud.

4. Isohunt.to

Isohunt is reborn!  After being shut down by the MPAA on October 17, 2013, Isohunt.com has been resurrected with a new domain name, Isohunt.to, in a different country. Please support this longtime champion of P2P file sharing!

5. Torlock

Torlock is special.  These folks actually pay their users commission for uncovering fake torrents and reporting it to their community.  In a world of phony files, this is a tremendous service. If you are a regular downloader, and are tired of wasted downloads and fraudulent files, give Torlock a try.

6. BitSnoop.com

is the largest known database of torrents today. With over 18 million indexed files, one could argue that this is the only site you'd need to search at. Try BitSnoop for yourself and see how it presents its results with its comments and ratings... you might like this site as much as other readers do.


VCDQ.com is technically not a torrent site... rather, it is a verification site that employs a committee of serious users to confirm torrents. Ideal for movie fans who are seeking new releases, VCDQ.com will indeed tell you if legitimate torrent files have been found and verified for that particular movie. You just need to copy the torrent names and paste them into a torrent search engine like Isohunt.com to locate the seeds. Definitely give VCDQ.com a try; this is a great resource for avoiding fake torrent files and finding true files faster.

8. Monova.org

This service is another example of clean and simple interface style. Additionally, Monova goes beyond torrents to also index newsgroup sites (e.g. alt.binaries.highspeed), which can sometimes be faster than torrent swarm downloads. Advertising is as unobtrusive as possible on the Monova pages themselves. Popup adult advertising will be a turn off for some users, but if you can work around that, this search service has a strong catalog of modern torrents.

9. TorrentHound.com

at over 4.7 million torrents, TorrentHound is one of the largest players in the torrent P2P game. The site does enforce good use of 'white space' in the sidebars, so scanning the pages can be easier for most readers. Unfortunately, the comments counts are not included in the initial search results, so you'll have to click into the individual files to see reader comments. But do visit the large TorrentHound database as one of the places to find either very popular or very obscure files.

10. ThePirateBay.se

Since being shut down in 2009, The Pirate Bay has bounced back and refuses to give in. This latest TPB Swedish domain name version claims to have over 1.5 million torrents available. The servers themselves are constantly changing location to stay ahead of the authorities, and this seems to make the website experience inconsistent for speed. If you don't mind repeatedly checking back because The Pirate Bay is sometimes slow to render, definitely support this longtime P2P icon as it tries to rebuild its former glory.

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