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Visual Guide: The Top 30 Torrent Download Sites, 2014

A Visual Guide to Where Torrent Downloaders Go to Find Files


11. TAKE.fm

Take is a smaller library than other torrent search sites, but the community here strives to keep the torrent quality high and the fake torrents out. Like most successful torrent sites, TAKE does not store the actual music and movie files on their servers, and instead focuses on helping its members find their sources elsewhere. Try TAKE out and let us know if you like their service.

12. RARBG.com

RARBG is a very small torrent site, with less than a half-million torrents in its index. Nevertheless, 4 users at About.com have recommended that RARBG be a community on your search for good P2P experiences. Perhaps try them and give us feedback on if agree with their opinions of the service.

13. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents looks like most other torrent sites: tabular lists of torrents, with girly porn advertising in the sidebars. But LimeTorrents does have a growing database of nearly 2 million torrents, and multiple readers speak highly of the quality of seeds and legit files in the Lime catalog.

14. Torrent Funk

Torrent Funk is a crowd pleaser. TF employs 'verified torrent' tagging to help reduce the number of fakes you will experience. Additionally, the cross-movie recommendations are very helpful, and multiple About.com readers have strongly recommended Torrent Funk.  Give this site a try and let us know if you like it.

15. H33T.com

This is a massive library of torrents, exceeding 4 million in November of 2012. The black background isn’t for everyone’s tastes, but the volume of movies and music and tv shows make this a worthwhile destination. Beware the popup advertising, though…

16. 1337X.org

This is a very clean-looking site, with a nice presentation of the comment count for each of your search results. The database is less than a million torrents as of November 2012, but several readers have recommended 1337X.

17. Vertor

This torrent service claims to filter out bad torrents, viruses, DRM locks, passwords, and fakes. Many readers are pleased with Vertor, and thus far their service has been exemplary. Definitely give Vertor a try.

18. NowTorrents

Now Torrents (allegedly) offers a special service: it filters out fake/dead torrents. It also offers date-range searching, so you can search for specific years of content (e.g. Flight of the Conchords, 2008).

19. TorrentDownloads.Net

is considered the second-largest torrent index on the Web today, at over 6 million torrent files in its catalog. But beyond the sheer magnitude of its database, it also does publish a filter of only those torrents that has passed verification testing. Definitely try TorrentDownloads as one of your first search stops in finding that one movie, music file, tv show, or application.

20. FullDLS

at over 2.5 million torrents, FullDLS is one of the larger torrent search sites today. The advertising is a bit cumbersome, and you’ll have difficulty finding what is worth clicking and what is just sponsored banner advertising. But the site is recommended by readers, and the search catalog does have popular files.

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