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How to play .bin, .cue, .dat, and .rar movie files


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Step 3) Install three different movie player products.
How to play .bin, .cue, .dat, and .rar movie files
Step 3 Task: Download and install VLC, DivX, and Windows Media Players.

  1. Download free VideoLan VLC Player here.
  2. Download free DivX Player here.
  3. Download free Windows Media Player 9 here.

Explanation: There is an ambiguous mishmash of file types available through Internet P2P downloading. A smart user knows this, and uses at least 3 different movie players in order to successfully view the range of varying movie files. The 3 suggested players are: Windows Media Player (usually included with Windows XP), DivX Player, and VideoLan VLC Player.

Depending on what kind of file you download, you will need to try each of these players until the movie plays successfully. As of this writing, these three tools will play 99% of all downloadable movies, as long as they have the required codec (compress/decompress) libraries installed.

Foreign film note: if you are trying to view an .ocg or .ogg file that requires subtitles, you will require special additional software (see upcoming article for explanations of .ocg/.ogg files)

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