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How to play .bin, .cue, .dat, and .rar movie files


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Step 1) Install WinRAR Software
How to play .bin, .cue, .dat, and .rar movie files
September, 2013

(continued from FAQ on previous page: how to play rar, bin, cue, and dat files)

Step 1: Download WinRAR utility from RARLAB.com.

How: Download WinRAR from here.

Explanation: WinRAR is what we call an “archive manager” program. Its job is to package and compress large files for more efficient downloading. WinRAR is capable of squeezing a 1024 megabyte movie into 600 megabytes of smaller linked files. Because of its power and versatility, this tool is extremely popular amongst file sharers.

In your case, you are interested in decompressing (“extracting”) a downloaded file, and converting back into full usable format.

WinRAR is free to try, and is only 1136 kilobytes large. After a month of using it, the RAR programmer asks that you purchase it for $29USD.

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