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Torrent Site Review of the Week: Cinematorrents.com

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating
User Rating 5 Star Rating (14 Reviews)


Torrent Site Review of the Week: Cinematorrents.com


The Bottom Line

Torrent search rating: 3 stars out of 5
Movie fan appeal rating: 4 stars out of 5


  • An excellent site for browsing and discovering movies
  • Very visual site, without being cluttered
  • Splendid links to Internet Movie Database
  • Advanced search offers genre, rank, vote, and year searching


  • Does not index very new movie releases
  • Does not offer a choice of which torrent sites to meta-search


  • Cinema Torrents is a recommendation and research site, not a pure torrent index site
  • The movie thumbnails are a nice cosmetic touch for browsing
  • The background history from IMDB.com is a tremendous value for true movie fans

Guide Review - Torrent Site Review of the Week: Cinematorrents.com

Cinema Torrents is a standout P2P search site. To be precise, Cinema Torrents is not a 'torrent site', but rather a recommendation engine connected to IMDB.com: CT first helps you discover good films, then it helps you locate torrent sites and other download sources for those films (via Torrentz and Mininova). In some ways, searching at Cinema Torrents is like going to a very large video rental store, and getting movie recommendations directly from the store staff.

As a recommendation engine, CT will let you search for exact titles (e.g. "Iron Man 2"). But the real value of CT is the advanced search options: you set some parameters, and let the CT recommendations roll in (e.g. "science fiction" movies newer than 2000 that have received a score of 8.0 or better at IMDB.com).

The site is very visual, with plenty of thumbnail graphics. The sidebar of Top Movies of the Week is very helpful. And the linked data to Internet Movie Database is very engaging.

If you are looking to find a very specific movie torrent and download it quickly, Cinema Torrents won't be your first search choice. But if you have 30 minutes and are interested in discovering movies and films that you've not heard of before, CT is a recommendation site worth trying.
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