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"How Do I Install and Configure Tor-Privoxy Masking Software?"


Question: "How Do I Install and Configure Tor-Privoxy Masking Software?"
(continued from "How Do I Conceal My Online Identity?")

Here is how you install and configure your Tor privacy software for Windows.
Answer: As of February, 2010, the latest Tor release is version 1.3.1

1) For Windows Users:
  • Download the Tor Onion Network connection for Windows software here. It will come bundled with "Vidalia", "Privoxy", and "Torbutton" utilities, which are useful to many users. For the most part, you will want to use the version with the highest number (most recent).
  • Installation for Windows: the Tor programmers recommend that you follow specific instructions for installing your Tor on Windows computers. Those instructions are here.

2) For Mac Users::
  • Macintosh Tor software is available here.
  • Installation for Mac: instructions are here.

3) Connecting to Tor Network Using the Privoxy Web Proxy Platform:
  • FAQ's on Privoxy are here.
  • Privoxy User's Manual, version 3.0.3 is here.

Important Note: Tor-Privoxy is intended for legitimate privacy purposes only, not P2P downloading. The Tor Onion Network and the Privoxy connection platform are designed to protect legitimate web page browsing and emailing, particularly in the areas of social conscience, political free speech, messaging from oppressive countries and non-democratic countries, private blogging, and anonymous researching.

P2P Downloaders: There are other options for you to conceal yourself from MPAA and RIAA surveillance. There is Anonymizer, A4, Mute, and The Cloak. Please use these other solutions and not Tor-Privoxy for your P2P file sharing.

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