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The Internet Celebrities Quiz, 2010

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Question 1

Who is this famous man?

A. Lawrence Page

B. Tim Berners-Lee

C. Riddick Bowe

HINT: In the late 1980's, he designed the World Wide Web, and later launched the first official web pages in 1989. Queen Elizabeth even knighted him for outstanding service as a British citizen.

Question 2

Which Internet company did this man create?

A. KartOO

B. Inktomi


HINT: Steve Case founded a company in 1985 that grew to become a massively-popular online service. Millions of people use Steve's service today as a daily part of their lives.

Question 3

Who is this famous
Phone Phreaker?

A. Gore Vidal

B. Gary Larson

C. Kevin Mitnick

HINT: This Phone 'Phreaker' is the hero of Internet hackers and crackers around the world. Now released from prison, he is the most famous hacker in history, and the bestselling author of "The Art of Deception".

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