1. Technology

Netiquette, Trolling, and Online Culture

The Internet has grown its own special 21st Century culture! Acronyms, shorthand typing, emoticons, netiquette expectations, flaming, and more... these are the cultural nuances of the online universe, and this cateogry is dedicated to explaining these nuances.
  1. Trolls and Trolling: the Thugs (4)

What Is 'Trolling'? What Does It Mean to 'Troll' a Website?
What Is 'Trolling'? What Does It Mean to 'Troll' a Website?

Modern Internet Jargon and Abbreviations: a Glossary of Email and Texting...
Modern Internet Jargon and Abbreviations: a Glossary of Email and Texting Shorthand!

The 2010 Netiquette Quiz, Level 1
Do you know what "flame", "lurk", "RTFM", "brb", and "BCC" mean? Do you know the core philosophy of Network Etiquette? How quickly do you forward virus and hoax emails? Here is the 2010 Netiquette Quiz, Level 1. Let's see how courteous you really are!

The 2010 Netiquette Quiz, Level 2
If you passed the Level 1 quiz, then you may be ready for this gruelling test. Here is your chance to identify if you really understand the online messaging culture of forums and chat.

Emoticons and Smileys 101
If you turn your head sideways, these heiroglyphic shapes have funny and friendly meanings! Millions of Internet users add these "emotional icons" and "smileys" to their messages. After you see the amazing emoticon choices available, you might want to add them to your emails!

Are You Internet Rude? (And Don't Realize It)
There are 12 simple rules for Internet courtesy and respect, particularly with email. If only more people would take the time to learn them.

University of Illinois: Netiquette 101
Special thanks to the U. of I. folks for assembling this quick reference on Internet courtesy.

Appalachian State University: Suggested Email Guidelines
The APSU professors underscore some of the fundamentals of electronic courtesy.

Albion Netiquette Quiz: How Courteous Are You?
Albion.com brings us another diagnostic tool of 10 questions. Sadly, very few people score more than 70% on this quiz.

What Is 'Lolcats'?
'Haters Gonna Hate' is an expression that spawned in the late 2000's, and is a popular catchphrase today in online communities. About.com explains more about 'Haters Gonna Hate' and what it means...

Strange and Bizarre Facts About the World Wide Web, 2014
The World Wide Web and Internet are even more bizarre than ever. Here is a collection of mesmerizing facts around the digital world in which we live.

Introducing: the Internet Memes that Have Captured Our Hearts
Memes are viral culture. These are the bizarre, humorous, quirky and political images that travel like flu bugs across the Web. Some memes are urban legends, others are animal oddities. Some memes are comedic dances, while others are philosophical commentaries on human nature. About.com profiles the most influential memes of the last two decades here...

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