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The Best General Reference Sites for Students

(Encyclopedic Content, Fast!)


(continued from the The Best Search Engines for Students)

Here is a list of Internet reference sites and search directories. These destinations represent encyclopedic quick-reference content for quick research. These also represent specific launch points where you can commence more-involved research for your undergraduate and graduate studies.

This list has been compiled from About Network editor and reader reviews.
Current to August, 2013:

  • The Top 15 General Reference Websites, 2012

  • Internet Public Library 2: this public service site is powered by voluneer librarians and keen students, seeking to provide learning resources that are reliable. The IPL staff vet and filter massive content on the Internet and Web, striving to link you to those online articles that have demonstrated academic merit and literary accuracy.

  • Wikipedia: while the content is not precisely verified, Wikipedia is good for starting your research, and choosing possible directions to pursue with other sources and more detailed legwork.

  • An Exhaustive List of Reference Sites to research after you have started your research at Wikipedia and IPL.

  • Kid-Friendly Reference and Research: sites that are ideal for youths under 13 years old

  • Arts and Humanities Reference Sites: for researching the social sciences and 'softer' history content

  • News and Current Events References: for studying controversial current stories in the news, like international politics, oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, and conflicts in the Middle East.

  • News Archives : ideal for looking at public responses to international events over the last 50 years, like Hurricane Katrina or the Exxon Valdez oil spill

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