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What Is 'NIMBY'? What Does This Acronym Mean?


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Question: What Is 'NIMBY'? What Does This Acronym Mean?
You see the expression 'NIMBY' in a discussion forum online, and you see that the topic is a heated debate. But what exactly does NIMBY stand for? About.com explains NIMBY here...
Answer: NIMBY, and NIMBYISM, is 'not in my back yard'. This negative expression describes the attitudes of people who vehemently oppose proposed zoning or proposed building development for reasons that are purely selfish or snobby. Nimbies often know that the proposal has benefits to the greater public, but are unwilling to open up their neighborhood to be part of the proposal.

For example: nimbies will oppose an electrical corridor field being turned into a dog park, and they will cite false logic as their argument (e.g. 'that land is a beautification area that children should play in').

Here is another example of controversial NIMBY attitudes, and the massive online debate that it sparked:
Habitat for Humanity will bring crime to our neighborhood

NIMBY and NIMBYISM are just some of the many acronyms and colloquialisms you will find on the Internet. As more and more people participate in online discussions, you can expect to see more of these cultural acronyms in your web browser.

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