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eBay Auctions: What Is 'NWT'? What Is 'NWOT'?


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Question: eBay Auctions: What Is 'NWT'? What Is 'NWOT'?

Answer: As a new eBayer, you will keep seeing these odd expressions 'NWT' and 'NWOT'. People post up phrases like "Swiss Army Watch, NWT".

New With Tags, New Without Tags.

These acronym expressions stands for 'New With Tags' and 'New Without Tags'. It is the same as saying 'this product is brand new'. NWT and NWOT are particularly common for clothing and shoes.

Examples of NWT and NWOT expressions on eBay:

  • NWT: Men's Microfiber Gloves, black medium
  • Striped Button Down LS Shirt, large, NWOT - *unique vintage look!*
  • Bowler Hat for Men, black sz 7, NWT +++Just Like Thomas Crown Affair Movie++
  • Size 8 womens stylish granny boots, chocolate brown NWOT - worn once indoors
  • Abercrombie cargo pants men size 36/32 NWOT, khakhi
  • NWOT: Union Bay boot cut jeans waist 34 length 30, excellent price

The NWT and NWOT expressions, like many other internet expressions, are part of online conversation culture.

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