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Android Tablet Web Surfing: A Quickstart Guide for New Tablet Owners


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Navigation Basics: How to Move Around Your Android Tablet
Android 4.x uses more commands than its competitor, Apple iOS, and there are more widgets and menus in Android. You will need to learn more steps to make full use of your Android device, but you will also get more granular control that you would with an Apple iPad.

There are four basic touch commands on an Android tablet:

1) press, aka 'tap' (a finger version of a mouseclick)
2) press-hold
3) drag
4) pinch

Most Android touch commands are single finger. Pinch requires two fingers simultaneously.

You choose which fingers work best for you. Some people prefer to use both thumbs while they hold the tablet in both hands. Other people prefer to use index finger and thumb while they hold the tablet in the other hand. All methods work well, so choose what is most comfortable for you.

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