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A Quick Reference Guide for New Users of Google Plus


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How to Stream (Wall Post) in Google Plus
How to Stream (Wall Post) in Google Plus

How to Stream (Wall Post) in Google Plus

Paul Gil, About.com
Google Plus uses a "Stream" instead of a Facebook "Wall". The idea is essentially the same, but Google Plus Streaming is much more selective in its broadcasting. Specifically: Google+ Streaming lets you choose whom you follow, who is allowed to see your posts, and most of all: Google+ Streaming allows you to edit your Stream posts AFTER the fact.

Instead of a click-type-share technique like Facebook, Google Plus Streaming requires a few extra steps.

How to Post to Your Google Stream (Wall):

  1. Type in your text.
  2. Copy-paste any hyperlinks you want to promote.
  3. Optional: add a + sign to hyperlink directly to another Google+ user (e.g. +Paul Gil)
  4. Optional: add in *bold* or _italic_ formatting.
  5. Choose which specific individuals or circles can see your post.
  6. Click "Share" button to post.
  7. Optional: choose to prevent resharing of your post by using the dropdown menu at the top right of your new post.

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