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The 5 Best Ways to Block Popup Advertising


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Choice 5) Purchase a 3rd-party popup blocker
Pop up blockers
Why Choose This Popup Blocker Technique? Of the 5 best solutions, this choice is good for combination defense: to stop pop-up advertising, and to also stop spyware and erase your web browsing tracks from your computer. For example: you share a personal computer with someone whom you wish to conceal your surfing habits from, or perhaps you are in a police/military/government work situation where you need to keep your research confidential.

Pros: These 3rd-party anti-popup products effectively block popup ads. They also prevent/erase spyware and adware without having to install separate anti-spyware software. These software products have no advertising on screen.

Cons: You can get the same functionality from many no-cost popup blockers and anti-spyware (see next pages).

Where to Get These Popup Blockers: Here is a list of the most popular paid popup blockers, current to February, 2005:

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