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Examples of Good Passwords

Words and characters that make things difficult for password hackers


Computer in dark office, password entry required
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April, 2014

Sample Passwords, in Increasing Order of Strength:


OK Password: Better Password: Excellent Password:
kitty 1Kitty 1Ki77y
susan SusansHonda 5usansHond@2013
LadyGagaIsBizarre LGGiB LGG1Bgmail
smellycat Sm3llycat $m3llycat!!
allblacksrugby ABRworldcup2011 ABRwc2011worklogin
jackbauerforcongress JBFC2010 JBfc(2013)
doctorhouseisajerk DHiaJ! DHiaJ!macintoshlogin
Ilovecayennepepper iLcpOnMyToast 1LcpOnMy7oas7
JasonsBlueVolkswagen jbvwIsFunToDrive jbvwIF2Driv3
ihateliverandonions IhLaOforDinner 1hLaOfDwindowslogin
mypuppylikescheese MPLCandOtherSnacks .MPLCaOSpaypal
julieloveskevin JlK2013/td> JlK2013mygmaillogin
guitarheroisablast GHiaB GHiaBeBayLogin
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