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Lock Down Your Home PC: Security Essentials

A computer security handbook: essentials of hacker prevention for your home PC.
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Examples of Good Passwords
Has no one ever explained to you the secrets to a strong password? Here are examples of passwords, ranging from weaker to stronger. Perhaps these examples will help spur your creativity to create your own strong passwords.

Nasty People on the Internet
Here are the nasty individuals who will grief you on the Web: trolls, phishermen, cyberstalkers, scammers, spammers, hackers and more. Don't let your online experiences get tainted by these digital bad guys: know your enemy with this helpful guide from About.com

How Do You Create Your Passwords?
Readers write and share: Suggestions for Creating Good Passwords for Work and Home.

4 Outstanding Tools to Help You Manage Your Passwords
Many users today need to remember many passwords: their eBay login, their Gmail login, their bank login, and so on. Typing them out can becoming annoying, and even worse: hacker keylogger software can secretly record you typing your passwords. But there are tools that can help make passwords much more convenient and more hacker proof.

The Top 5 Anti-Spyware Programs, 2009
Here they are: The Best Anti Spyware Tools of 2009! There are some old friends here, but a couple of new players have joined the fray and set a new standard in the War on Malware. Read more here...

Windows XP: 5 Steps to Locking Down Your PC
Guest account, admin logon, ICF service, private folders, and limited accounts... learn these excellent tips from our resident Certified Internet Security expert at About!

Security Basics for Home Computing
If you subscribe to broadband cable or DSL, then you are at high risk for casual hackers. There are three simple steps you can take to reduce your hacker attacks by 90%! See this excellent tutorial by security professional, Tony Bradley

How Bad Hacking Really Is: An Interview With An Expert
Jacques Erasmus is a "white hat" hacker... a once-dishonorable craftsman who has now chosen to work for the protection of corporate networks. Here is a video of how Windows XP gets hacked, and Jacques explains the steps...

Wireless Networking Security for the Home
If you just installed "WiFi" for your house, then do spend 15 minutes checking out these six safeguarding tips, including changing your Identifier ID, enabling WEP encryption, and shutting down identifier broadcasting. Excellent information for the new wireless owner.

Anti-Phishing Defense Toolbar - CyberDefender Toolbar Product Review
While there is no mature technology that defends against phishing web sites yet, CyberDefender has set the first benchmark with its new Cyberdefender Toolbar freeware. This plug-in software is a competent tool that is earning respect across the planet.

"Help! I Think I've Been Hacked!"
Your computer starts to run a little weird. You notice the drive light blinking when you aren’t doing anything and the system seems a little slow. At first you may shrug it off, then you notice some weird program in your Startup group. There is a good chance your system has been hacked. If so, then this article is for you...

Spyware and Adware 101
Yes, there are programs like KaZaa Toptext, Comet Cursor, Gator, Hotbar, and Bonzai Buddy, whose job is to "spy" on your computer habits! These insidious programs will report to distant servers, violate your privacy, and cause you pop-up grief. Click here to for basic defense tips against spyware...

Remove That Spyware Now!
KaZaa Toptext, Comet Cursor, Gator, Hotbar, and Bonzai Buddy... these malignant "spywares" will give you grief. Here is your practical explanation on how to identify and remove these nasty programs!

Computer Security 101
A ten-part series that is not only detailed, but actually quite fast to study. Outstanding practical tips and strong theory for beginners and advanced Internet users.

The Top 5 Ways to Block Pop Up Windows
The Top 5 Ways to Block Pop Up Windows

How Do I Make My Computer Safe From Viruses and Hackers?
How Do I Make My Computer Safe From Viruses and Hackers?

How Do I Make My Computer Safe From Viruses and Hackers?
How Do I Make My Computer Safe From Viruses and Hackers?

The Most Common Passwords
What Do People Use for Passwords? Well, the LulzSec hackers who breached the Sony Playstation and Sony Pictures networks in 2011 actually gave us some data. These hackers published the account information of 37,000 users, including their passwords. This is what those 37,000 accounts revealed...

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