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Learn Microsoft Windows Basics

Windows XP, 2000, 98, NT, ME... all of these operating systems require fundamental knowledge. Learn about controlling windows, dialog boxes, menus, Help, mouse commands, file management and more.

Keyboard Shortcuts for the PC

Ever wonder how to do something without using the mouse? What if your mouse suddenly quit working. How would you be able to save your work? How would you be able to shut down your computer without performing a "hard shutdown?" Here are some of the more common keyboard shortcuts available in your Windows PC.

Mouse Aerobics!

Are you "mouse challenged"? Having a hard time driving that mouse? This is a great little diagnostic and tutorial to help you take control of your computer mouse!

Controlling Menus and Dialog Boxes

This is such a fundamental computer skill, yet so many people never fully learn it. Menus in Windows OS, and the special "modal" feature called Dialog Boxes, are both explained here. Good illustrations make this a helpful tutorial.

Printing in Windows 2000

Printing basics, managing a print queue, and switching printers...nicely explained here.

"Self-Assisted" Computer Disasters

Yes, people will often crash their own computers by mistake. What seems like innocent and legitimate tinkering will sometimes turn into disastrous results. Save yourself some self-tinkering grief and try this article.

Deleting Your Un-Deletables

If you've ever tried to erase files, but your Microsoft OS keeps telling you "file is currently in use" or another such false error, then try these tricks. What follows is some helpful workarounds when your computer erroneously forbids you from deleting. Brought to you by the very smart people at Techiwarehouse.com
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