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What Is 'U Jelly'? What Does 'Jelly' Mean?


'U Jelly' = 'are you jealous?'

'U Jelly' = 'are you jealous?'

Question: What Is 'U Jelly'? What Does 'Jelly' Mean?
You've likely seen 'jelly' or 'u jelly' on Facebook pages, Reddit links, and meme photos. This modern taunt expression is a version of 'u mad bro', and is becoming common jargon across the Web...
Answer: 'U Jelly' is a taunting expression that asks 'are you jealous?'. U Jelly is used to goad someone online or in person because you possess an article that they do not have, or because you have attained some kind of gamer achievement or minor online fame.

'U Jelly' is a close cousin to the 'u mad bro expression, which another taunt term used to goad people online.

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