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Texting Abbreviations, 2014

a Dictionary of Text Talk and Instant Message Jargon


21. bbiab

BBIAB - Be Back in a Bit (see also: BRB - Be Right Back)

BBIAB is another way of saying 'AFK' (away from keyboard). This is a polite expression that users employ to say they are moving away from their computers for a few minutes. In the context of a conversation, it is a polite way to say that 'I won't be responding for a few minutes, as I'm indisposed'.

See examples of bbiab here.

22. bisly

BISLY - But I Still Love You

This slang acronym is used as playful affection, often during online arguments or debates. It can be used to mean 'no hard feelings', or 'we're still friends', or 'I don't like what you just said, but I won't hold it against you'. BISLY is commonly used between people who are familiar with each other.

See examples of BISLY here.

23. omg (amg)

OMG - Oh My God!

Also: AMG - Ah, My God!

OMG, just like 'O Gawd', is a very common expression for shock or surprise.

Example of OMG

  • (first user:) OMG! My cat just walked across my keyboard and launched my email!
  • (second user:) LOLZ! Maybe kitty is checking on his eBay bids! ROFLMAO!

24. jtlyk

JTLYK - Just to Let You Know

JTLYK is used to preface information-sharing that could be uncomfortable, or could change previous arrangements for group activities.  Commonly, JTLYK means that the information is important, and conveying it is both critical and courteous.

e.g. User 1:  JTLYK:  Sue will be late for practice tonight.  She has to pick up her car from the shop right at 4:45pm.

e.g. User 2: Suresh, JTLYK the menu for the staff party does include vegetarian dishes right now, but that could change if we get a different caterer.

25. ftw

FTW - For the Win

FTW is an internet expression of enthusiasm. While there were nastier meanings in previous years, FTW today commonly stands for "For the Win". It is an expression of enthusiasm. "FTW" is the same as saying "this is the best" or "this item will make a big difference, I recommend using it"!"
  • e.g. "anti-lock braking, ftw!"
  • e.g. "spellchecker, ftw!"
  • e.g. "low-carb diets, ftw
*In decades past, FTW had a much harsher meaning. Read more about FTW here...

26. lol (lolz, lawlz)

LOL - Laughing Out Loud

Also: LOLZ - Laughing Out Loud

Also: LAWLZ - Laughing Out Loud (in leetspeak spelling)

Just like ROFL, LOL is used to express spontaneous humour and laughter.  It is perhaps the most common text message expression in usage today.

You will also see variations like LOLZ (a version of LOL, ROFL (Rolling on Floor Laughing), and ROFLMAO (Rolling on Floor, Laugh My Ass Off). In the United Kingdom, PMSL is also a popular version of LOL.

"LOL" and "LOLZ" are often spelled all uppercase, but can also be spelled "lol" or "lolz". Both versions mean the same thing. Just be careful not to type entire sentences in uppercase, as that is considered rude shouting.


27. nvm

NVM - Never Mind

Also: NM - Never Mind

This acronym is used to say "please disregard my last question/comment", commonly because the user found the answer seconds after posting the original question. 

Example of NVM usage:


  • (User 1): Hey, how do I change my phone to show your photo when you call?
  • (User 2): Did you look in the contact list settings?
  • (User 1): nvm, I found it! It was on the last screen!

28. w/e (wuteva)

W/E - Whatever

Also: wuteva - Whatever

W/E is a dismissive term, often used as a rude way to diminish someone's comment.  It is a way of saying 'I'm not interested in arguing this point any more', or 'I disagree, but I don't care enough to make an issue of it.'

29. cya

CYA - See Ya  

Also: C U  - See You

Also: CUL8R  - See You Later

CYA and CU are 'goodbye for now' expressions, very similar to BBIAB or TTYL.  Use CYA when you need to end the conversation and go about your business.

While, you would not use this shorthand for professional email conversations, CYA is very common in personal text messaging and online chat.


30. bff

BFF - Best Friends, Forever

BFF is a form of written digital affection in the 21st century. BFF is commonly used as an adolescent expression by tweenage girls to express camaraderie. BFF is also used by males to make fun of this primarily-female expression. This expression is used both in uppercase or lowercase format when typed into an email or instant message.

BFF has multiple related abbreviations:
  • BF (Boyfriend)
  • GF (Girlfriend)

Other common abbreviations used in online messaging include:

See examples of BFF here.

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