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Texting Abbreviations, 2014

a Dictionary of Text Talk and Instant Message Jargon


11. wdymbt

WDYMBT - What Do You Mean By That?

This is a question of clarification, to ask someone to explain their last comment.

12. jk

JK - Just Kidding

Also: JJ - Just Joking

JK is used to complete the delivery of a joke, something especially important to do when the joke is a ribbing or a playful insult.

Example of JK:

  1. User 1: o man if you're cooking then i'm going for takeout
  2. User 2: u don't like my cooking?
  3. User 1: JK! you're cooking isn't so bad, it's just the same thing every time

13. meh

Meh - "I feel mediocre about that"

Meh is an expression for mediocrity. If a movie is disappointing, if a restaurant is forgettable, or if the social event did not live up to expectations, people will comment "meh". 

14. uok

UOK - Are You OK?

'Are You OK?' is a question expressing concern.  This is meant for personal relationships where the parties are good friends, or at least cordial acquaintanaces at work.  


15. tbh

TBH - To Be Honest

This expression is used to say 'I am being extra candid by saying this' or 'I am going to admit a weakness or partial failure on my part by saying this'.

16. wtf

WTF - What the F*ck?

This is a blunt expression of shock and concerned confusion.  Somewhat like 'OMG', 'WTF' is used when an alarming event just occurred, or some unexpected and disturbing news was just conveyed.

17. gtg

GTG - We're Good to Go

Also: GTG - I've Got to Go


GTG is a way of saying "I'm ready" or "we're ready". It is common when messaging to organize a group event, and everything is in order.

e.g. User 1: Did you get the buns and soda pop for the picnic?

e.g. User 2: Just need the buns and then GTG.

18. fml

FML - F*ck My Life

This harsh-sounding expression is really a form of humorous despair... a cheeky way for people to say "I am having a really bad day, and there's a pattern here".  You would never use FML in professional email conversations, but for text messaging between friends, FML is quite common.

FML is such a common expression in personal chatting, there are entire websites dedicated to humorous FML messaging:

19. gg (gj)

GG = Good Game

GJ = Good Job

GG and GJ are shorthand for saying 'good work', or 'congratulations to everyone, we achieved the result'. Some people will even say "gee gee" out loud in face-to-face conversations.

This expression was spawned by online gamers to thank their teammates after a match. In 2011, GG and GJ are very popular as daily expressions of gratitude and congratulations.

20. wtb (wtt)

WTB - Want to Buy

Also: WTT - Want to Trade

This is a joking expression, commonly used to jibe or tease someone.  'WTB non-lazy office workers' would be a joking way to tell your colleagues that they are slackers. 'WTB a life' is a self-effacing way to say that 'I'm unhappy'.

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