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The Best Free HD/Widescreen Wallpaper Sites

Keep your monitor beautiful with these free galleries.


While there are hundreds of free wallpaper sites, only a few offer that blend of minimal advertising, convenient browsing, high-quality images, and range of high-definition resolution choices. Here are several widescreen wallpaper sites that About.com recommends... these are splendid choices for keeping your widescreen monitor beautiful!

1. Abstract 3D Wallpaper

This is a good choice for fans of abstract art. Fractals and 3d tubulars abound at this site, and are segmented by colors. If you feel like some orange or purple or yellow art that borders on the fantastical, definitely give this site a try.


2. WidescreenWallpaper.eu

Widescreen users: rejoice!  This European website offers a compelling range of abstract art, professional photography, architecture, hot models, and cityscapes.  While the library is only several hundred items large, the quality of images at this website is splendid.  Advertisement is a minimum, and resolutions range from 1280 wide to 1920 wide.  Wunderbar!


3. Zeus Box Wallpapers

The Zeus Box library is enormous!  Tens of thousands of high def and widescreen images will keep you browsing for hours.  Beautiful women, buff men, dramatic landscapes, combat aircraft, celebrity portraits, cute animals, striking abstracts... you'll find everything you want at Zeus Box.



4. Graffiti Wallpaper

Graffiti Wallpaper is another site dedicated to widescreen graphics.  Ranging from 1024 pixels wide to 1920 px wide, you'll find no lack of strong choices to keep your monitor beautiful and fresh.  As of this writing, the library size is only a few hundred images large, but most users will find plenty here to keep their interest for weeks.


5. Pixxp.com Widescreen Wallpaper

The popup advertising at Pixxp is annoying, and the number of thumbnails per page is limited. But the choices available at Pixxp.com are very very good. The architecture and city/urban section is my personal favorite, and I hope they continue to grow the size of this quality collection. Resolutions are commonly 1280 px wide to 1920 px wide at this site.


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