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The Best Time Waster Websites of the Last Year

These websites will suck you in and mesmerize you...


11. Bro Tips

Bro tips
SFW: This site is delightfully profound and cheeky, all at once. Bro Tips is dedicated to providing modern advice to men who want to improve themselves. Targeted at the post-adolescent, this life advice is also very pertinent to those of you over 30, even over 40. The more you read Bro Tips, the more thoughtful you're bound to get. You'll also laugh out loud at several of these insightful tidbits!

Visit Bro Tips here

12. Oddee

NSFW: Oddee.com is a fascinating blog about the bizarre, weird, and strange. Yes, there are many girly pictures at this site, but there are also some really fascinating stories about medicine, geography, modern anthropology, modern art, pop culture, music, and more. Don't open this site at your office desk, as there is partial nudity on several of the icons. But definitely try Oddee with your home computer/tablet, and see why 2 million people visit Oddee on a daily basis.

13. Pinterest

SFW: Pinterest has taken the Web by storm. This is where people 'visually-curate the Internet' by showcasing photos they find interesting. High fashion, stunning nature scenes, mesmerizing animals, expensive interior design, exotic cars, foodie and culinary masterpieces, absurd clothing... all of these visuals and more. If you enjoy looking at pictures, you'll find Pinterest to be an engrossing smorgasbord for your eyeballs. Go on, give it a try. We dare you not to get hooked on Pinterest.

Visit Pinterest here

14. Fail Blog

Somewhat SFW: "Schadenfreude" is the German word for "deriving pleasure from the misfortune of others". FailBlog delivers schadenfreude in wholesale servings! This photo and video blog captures some of the most tragic human mistakes you will ever see. Here you'll find horrifying examples of car parking errors, sports mishaps, advertising faux pas, bad clothing choices, and absurd human inventions.  Like many of the addictive websites in this list: there are no special effects or professional actors involved: just regular everyday people doing absolutely idiotic things. Addictiveness: 5/5

Visit Failblog here

15. Overstock.com

SFW: Overstock.com is about upscale bargain shopping. As a 3rd party clearance center, Overstock helps retailers unload surplus of brand name and designer consumer items.  DKNY clothing, Samsung cameras, Callaway golf clubs, Tag Heuer wristwatches, Nine West shoes, memory foam bedding, Vincenzi men's suits, designer travel gear for pets... some absolutely beautiful products are available here, often for less than 50% of retail price. 

Visit Overstock here

16. Lifehacker

Lifehacker: an Addictive Website!
SFW: 'Lifehacker' is a stylishly-named life tips and software recommendation site. The mesmerizing appeal of Lifehacker is about how practically useful it is: all the advice focuses on accomplishing more in your everyday life. How to cook better el dente pasta, how to tailor your daily work to your personal strengths, how to grow vegetables in your apartment. There is some really clever content at Lifehacker, and everyone is guaranteed to find something useful here.

Visit Lifehacker here

17. Fark: The Bizarre News Aggregator

Somewhat SFW: Fark is an aggregator for bizarre and weird news.  That means: offbeat and unusual news stories from around the globe are assembled at this one website for quick browsing. Read about kangaroos goaded into fighting clowns, cross-dressing sensitivity training for policemen, undertakers who raise money by offering free limo rides, naked air traffic controllers, homeless people who become famous chefs, robbers who target celebrity homes, chickens who adopt puppies.  Bizarre? Yes. Addictive? You better believe it...

Visit Fark here 

18. Uncrate.com

SFW: Uncrate.com is, quite possibly, the ultimate gadget guide for men. While women are welcome to surf and purchase these gadgets, the products here are definitely geared towards the techno-loving male. The niftiest new products for iPhone, personal stereos, desktop computing, car accessories, and more. You and your office pals are guaranteed to get sucked into this buffet of interesting devices and modern machines...

19. Attack of the Cute

Very SFW! Attack of the Cute is a crowd-pleaser! This is a photo blog, where readers everywhere contribute pictures of their cute pet cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, or of cute animals they discovered at the zoo. This is absolutely a family-friendly and office-friendly website. You'll even be the hit of the office if you introduce your coworkers to this place. Big thumbs up and guaranteed smiles for everyone!

Visit Attack of the Cute here

20. Sh*tBrix.com: Puzzle Photos and Strange Phenomena

Definitely NOT safe for work, sh*tbrix.com is a photography blog where users comment on what they see in the pictures. Two things really make this site addictive: 1) the photos themselves contain obscure content that is often challenging to discern. 2) the users make some really outlandish comments about each photo.  The content is usually very adult, so be careful about your surroundings before you visit here.  But you might really enjoy this strange and bizarre site. 

Visit sh*tbrix here

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