1. Technology

Making Friends and Platonic Relationships on the Web

Meeting new friends and activity partners on a platonic (non-romantic) level: it does work! See these following web sites to see how it works...

Web Friends Online
Initially a no-charge service, you can sign up here to receive and reply to other members' emails. This service has a growing database, and is a good place to find both platonic and romantic connections.

Make Friends Online
Another place to search for a friend or a date. The service is free to try out, and like any of these online databases, you need to give it a serious try for a few weeks to decide for yourself if you like it.

Friendster.com: An Experiment in Connectivity
Friendster.com is new for February 2004. Based on the theory of "Six Degrees of Separation", this free online database is designed to help people find platonic and romantic connections. The theory is: you know someone, who in turns knows someone, who in turn knows someone beyond that, and this network of connections can be databased online. Very neat.

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