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The Best Web Sites for Kids, 2008
As a parent, it is so stressful to let your children onto the Net. It is so easy for them to find places that are not suitable for their viewing. But all is not lost! Of the many measures you can take to control their surfing, perhaps the most effective is to send them to kid-friendly sites that are engaging and interesting. Here is a list of excellent kid places to get you started.

IPL: Kid Space!
The U of Michigan houses the Internet Public Library. The Internet Public Library houses "Kid Space", a very motivating collection of learning and play resources for 5- to 18-year olds.

American children are usually required to memorize all the 43 American presidents. If you study who these 43 individual were, it's actually quite interesting history. Check it out!

A. Pintura: Art Detective
This Art Detective makes learning art history a lot of fun! Explore Picasso, Van Gogh, and Raphael as a mystery of clues and interviews. Neat!

Story Hour! (Parents: pay note!)
Are you craving a good bedtime story? Or perhaps you're a parent who is running out of content for your curious child? Then online Story Hour might keep you busy for a few dozen evenings!

Try Google Earth": a Magnificent Satellite View of the World.
An introduction to one of the most impressive Google products today: searchable satellite photos of the planet.

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