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What Is 'Facepalm'? Is It the Same as '/Facepalm'?


What Is 'Facepalm'? Is It the Same as '/Facepalm'?

Facepalm: even animals experience frustration

Question: What Is 'Facepalm'? Is It the Same as '/Facepalm'?
This peculiar expression appeared in your online chat today, but you're not quite sure what it means. What exactly is '/facepalm', and how is it meant to be used in conversation?
Answer: 'Facepalm' means the same as 'banging my head against my desk'. It is an expression of frustration or agitation. The visual is of a person smacking their forehead with their palm, often with the verbal expression 'doh!' to convey the frustration out loud.

In the world of online gaming, you will see the slash as in /facepalm. The slash command is commonly used as a gamer command, so it is intended to be more comic to add the slash to the front of the expression.
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