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What Is 'Ermahgerd'? What Does It Mean?


'Ermagherd' = 'Oh my god!'

'Ermagherd' = 'Oh my god!'

Question: What Is 'Ermahgerd'? What Does It Mean?
You've likely seen 'ermahgerd', or its abbreviated 'gerd' on Facebook pages, Reddit links, or lolcat photos. This modern derogatory expression has come about as both a meme and a verbal expression of 'stupdity'.
Answer: 'Ermahgerd' is 'oh my god' as pronounced by someone with a speech impediment. It means 'shock' and 'stupidity' at the same time, often as a caption for unflattering photos. You can caption 'ermahgerd' on your own photos to describe that you did something stupid today, or you can use it to insult someone else by replying 'ermagherd' to their online posts.

Ermahgerd is also becoming popular as a caption for animal photos, much like lolcats. For the most part, ermagherd is a derogatory term like 'doh' or 'durp'.

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