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Step-by-Step: How to Configure Your Computer to Play Music in Teamspeak 3


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Step 7: Launch 2 Copies of Teamspeak 3 and Manually Configure One to Jukebox
Step-by-Step: How to Configure Your Computer to Play Music in Teamspeak 3
ACTION: With your desktop Teamspeak 3 icon: you will ultimately launch two copies of Teamspeak. One will be for your regular TS self, and other for the music streaming. This takes a few sub-steps, as described:

  1. Double-click and launch the first instance Teamspeak 3. Go ahead and connect to your server, using your regular login. This will be your regular voice ID, and the first of 2 logins.
  2. Using the desktop shortcut we modified earlier, launch TS3 a second time. 2 windows of Teamspeak will no be running on your screen.
  3. Connect to the same server as your first login, but change the name of your user to be "Jukebox" or other stylish name. This second login will be your music player.
  4. In that second TS3 login, go to Settings --> Options, choose Capture.
  5. Under Capture Device, choose Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable). This will route the music from Winamp to your TS3 listeners.
  6. Still in Settings --> options --> Capture, choose Continuous Transmission.
  7. Enable the checkboxes for Echo Reduction, Echo Cancellation, Advanced Options, Remove Background Noise, and Automatic Gain Control. These checkboxes will improve the sound quality of your player.
  8. Click Apply and OK.

Housekeeping items:
  • On your music machine login: mute the login of your regular self, and also mute your music machine. You will listen to the music through Teamspeak 3, not directly from your own computer.
  • Try keeping the music volume low, and let people manually turn up the volume on their end.
  • REMEMBER: the above steps do not save in Teamspeak 3 when you close. Every time you launch Teamspeak 3, you need to repeat all of the instructions above. It is easiest to just leave your two ID's logged in when you are away from keyboard. Perhaps have the server admin create an 'AFK' channel for you to park your logins for convenience.

Important Note: if your fellow Teamspeak users choose to mute the music player, they will also mute you and your voice comms. This is because Teamspeak will associate your single IP address with both logins. This is a weakness in the system that cannot be avoided with the current Teamspeak 3.x versions. We hope that this will change in the future.


The first copy of Teamspeak 3 will be your regular voice connection.
The second copy of Teamspeak 3 will be the streaming music from Winamp.

Make sure you enable the 'deafen self' command for the second copy of Teamspeak 3... this will prevent the music playing twice in your headphones.

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