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How Do I Play .Daa Files?


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Question: How Do I Play .Daa Files?
Answer: .daa files are movies stored in a special format for downloading, so they require special player software. Thes .daa files require you to have Windows 7 or Windows 8, or special converter software like Power ISO to view the .daa file format.

Download Power ISO software here.

Explanation of .Daa Files:

  1. Normally, movies for computer viewing are played in .avi, .mkv, or .mpg file format. For storage on CD's or DVD's, however, disk players prefer movies to be in .iso file format or .bin/.cue file format.

  2. For sharing movie files on on the Internet, .iso or .bin/.cue files are too large to send easily. Someone could indeed "rip" a copy from their DVD, but sending that single large file across the Internet is cumbersome.

  3. It is possible, however, to use special software to break these large movie files into smaller 'chunks'". Many smaller chunks are faster for downloading than a single large file. These smaller chunks are called 'archive files'.

  4. While the most common archive file format is still .rar format, the new .daa format is becoming more popular lately. Daa format allows the user to create many smaller files named '.daa', which later reassemble to restore the original movie for viewing purposes.

  5. These .daa files require you to download and install special software. The most popular .daa software is Power ISO.

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